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Beer, Wine & Spirits in Westampton, NJ

Westampton Liquors is a great place to find the best selection of beer, wine, and spirits in Westampton, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas in Burlington County. We offer a huge selection of popular domestic wines, beers, and craft beers, as well as the imported brands that you know and love. We also have quality brands that you may have never heard of, including locally brewed beer and wine. We routinely find and stock new brands of beer in our store, so you have to check them out.
stocked wine bottles - Liquor Store in Westampton, NJ
Stocked wine and beer - Liquor Store in Westampton, NJ

Low prices and deals

Although we have great customer service and competitive prices that are unmatched in the area, we like to run weekly and monthly specials to add to your savings. We also have raffles for free giveaways like coolers, folding chairs, bikes, and more. No purchase is necessary to participate in our raffles. Stop by to see the latest deals or sign up for our email list so you get notified directly.
Kind of beer and wine - Liquor Store in Westampton, NJ

Wine tasting weekends

Every Friday and Saturday, we have a free wine tasting station set up to allow you to sample some of the wines we offer. Come and taste for yourself and take some home and share it with your family or friends.

One-stop shopping experience

Our staff is ready to offer any beer or wine suggestions you need to make your party or meal more enjoyable. Because we have so much variety at our store, we have something for every occasion or event. Whether you are trying to set up your own bar at home or you own a restaurant, we have everything you need.
When you come for the adult beverages, you can also pick up some soft drinks for the kids. For your convenience, we also sell cups, bottle openers and lottery tickets.
We proudly serve Mount Holly, Westampton, Springfield, Eastampton, Southampton, Timbuctoo, Lumberton, and the surrounding areas.
Visit or call Westampton Liquors at (609) 267-4638 for more information.